Worry Monster Pocket Hug Pal
Worry Monster Pocket Hug Pal
Worry Monster Pocket Hug Pal

Worry Monster Pocket Hug Pal

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We all have lots of worries and anxieties don’t we which is hard for us but more so for the little ones. Wouldn’t it be great if we have a little monster they could tell them too -even better if he fitted in your pocket!

Our little Pocket Hug Worry Monsters are perfect to be carried about in your pocket and are ready if you need a hug or have a worry - tell them all about it and it won’t seem as bad.

Available as a Keyring size or as a larger 4 inch pocket sized monster.

 Each little Pocket Pal Hug comes with a special little note which can be personalised too.

Pocket Hug Pals are suitable for children 36 months plus Gentle sponge wash.

Each item made in HarveysToyShed is made, tested and marked to CE standards.

Please note - never leave a small baby/child unattended with the any of our toys. As with all babies toys they should be used with adult supervision and checked before each use, and at the first sign of wear, use discontinued.

Any questions please feel free to ask