Santa Knows Elf Jumper Set

Santa Knows Elf Jumper Set

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Did you know how Santa always knows if you’ve been bad or good It’s the elves that tell him

Our Santa know set is great to remind the little ones It features a personalised good/naughty list chart with moveable pointer to let your elf tell the little ones how their behaving Plus two little sacks one with Toys on if their goo and one for coal if not Plus of course an elf jumper with ‘ Santa knows you’ve been naughty ‘ on the front 

Each set is made to fit a 12 inch elf doll approx Custom jumpers and other sizes available too Made from felt or fleece fabrics 

Colours  will vary but you can state a favourite colour if you’d prefer.

These are not toys but are decorative Christmas items Use only under adult supervision or by an older child

Please note as with all our items never leave a small baby/child unattended with the any of our products  Each item should be used with adult supervision and checked before each use, and at the first sign of wear, use discontinued.

Any questions please feel free to ask