Ce Toy Testing at HTS

CE Testing at Harvey's Toy Shed

It is a legal requirement that all toys meet the CE regulations, and I am happy to confirm all of the Harvey's Toy Shed products comply with these rules!
So to test that the HTS products meet this we have to go through a few checks, and to do these (to test a number of designs we use) I have created Frankin-dolly!
To begin with I ensure all the products I use have been tested to meet the CE rules, these tests are run by an external company and they check every single designer of the wool, felt, fabric and thread that I use to make HTS toys 

                              Toy Testing at Harveys Toy Shed                

Once the Frankin-Dolly had been created I subjected it to a number of different 'tortures' to make sure the design is safe for children!
Firstly I check that there are no small components that fit in to a small specially made tube, that makes sure that nothing that, if swallowed could block a little ones airway!
I then tie 7-9kg's of weight to the dolls seems, pulling in different directions to make sure the seems are strong enough for rough play!


Doll Testing HarveysToyShed


Frankin-Dolly then has a quick trip in the washer, and dryer - and then goes through it all again! Poor thing!
Once this has been done - I set fire to it (sorry Frankie!) to make sure that it the fabrics and thread don't catch fire. I measure the rate it takes for the flame to put itself out! I then made Franke 2, so I can test it before a wash! This makes sure that there no chance these new friends can cause a fire!

                  Sock monkey toy testing HarveysToyShed

This is repeated with any new design of doll, so you can be sure it is save for your children
If you want to read anymore into the specifics of CE testing you can read it here - www.cemarking-handmadetoys.co.uk For any more questions about HTS CE testing feel free to contact me


                      Testing a mermaid doll  HarveysToyShed