Triceratops Keepsake

Triceratops Keepsake

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Looking for a tri-rrific way to keep your cherished littles ones outfits? Look no further than the HTS Triceratops Keepsake!

Each Dino is approximately 21 inches.This size requires approximately 2-5 items of baby clothing - the more you send the better. Any items not used will be returned with your keepsake. Please send me a message if you are unsure if any of the items can be used.

 You can also add a personalised with names, dates and any other details you'd like embroidered on

Once your order had been placed I will message you with the details of where to send your items and the approximate turnover time I will then collect the personalising details from you. Please let me know if there are any specific pieces of clothing you'd like on the blanket.

Now for the boring T&C's!

 Our keepsakes should be treated as decorative items only and are not designed or intended as toys. Due to these fabrics being previously used they cannot be tested them for fire resistant or CE toy standard Please note some smaller  items, such as buttons or appliqués could become loose and may cause a choking hazard.

I will take great care with you precious items and will do everything to turn them into the perfect keepsake, you will receive pictures along the way and no step will be made without your approval. Due to the nature of these products sadly I can not accept returns or exchanges

Please note - never leave a small baby/child unattended with the any of our toys. As with all babies toys they should be used with adult supervision and checked before each use, and at the first sign of wear, use discontinued

 If you have any questions please feel free to ask