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Mermaid Tail Costume

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Play dress up with your HTS little lady or man, and make a splash with a Toy Shed costume 

Make from designer fabrics, with the colour and theme you want! Want to make it even better? Add a name or date! 

This costume fits perfectly on HarveysToyShed dolls, dress up dolls and animals 

Gentle machine wash

Each item made in HarveysToyShed is made, tested and marked to CE standards

Please note - never leave a small baby/child unattended with the any of our toys. The clothes are removable for washing but please ensure they are replaced correctly. As with all babies toys it should be used with adult supervision and checked before each use, and at the first sign of wear discontinue use.

Any questions please feel free to ask

Dollies are made using dolls and daydreams patterns