Summer Fun and Unicorn Madness!

Phew, What a scorcher! Unless you've been living under a rock - and if you have, i am very jealous, it sounds nice and cool under there - you know its been an almost Mediterranean in the UK! So what better excuse to get the HarveysToyShed gang out in the sun to have a fun! Here the girls are having a lovely catch up and catching some rays! #tantime Chilling in the Sun   What a lovey start to the week yay!? The fun didn't stop there either! [gallery ids="87,86" type="rectangular"] So enough of the fun, time to have a peak at the hard work for this week! [caption id="attachment_133" align="aligncenter" width="480"]New to HarveysCloset A brand new collection for Harvey's Closet[/caption]   Our magical announcement of the week is .... * Drum Roll Please* .... Unicorn Headbands! Look at the progress below! 👇🏻  
These are incredibly adorable new Unicorn Bands! They are, as always, fully customisable in all sorts of colours The unicorn horns aren't all that new around here! Take a peak below! [gallery ids="81,79,75" type="rectangular"] If you want to view or order any of the new beautiful items, head over to the HarveysWorld's pages and just drop me a message. So, its been a busy week, as you can see! Thank you for coming on over to look at our blog! Please let us know what you think about our blog - including anything you'd like to see! Of course i couldn't leave you without a teaser! Make sure to check out HarveysCloset for a secret Birthday surprise!   19458431_1500413786688055_2093689356_n Thank's HH's!   Love, Denise x   Don't forget to join Harvey's World on Facebook CLICK HERE !

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